Reformer Pilates:
Enjoy Getting Fit

Reformer Pilates is a fantastic way to stay active and mobile! Using our first-class Balanced Body ® apparatus, you’ll discover an enjoyable, supported Pilates workout, with added variety and flow compared to traditional mat Pilates.

Every body is different. Your health, mobility and fitness levels may well vary from week to week, let alone compared with others! Our goal at Wantage Pilates is to give you a tailored, varied and enjoyable exercise experience.
Real Pilates for Real People.

Reformer Pilates in Wantage, Oxfordshire

Choose the approach that suits you best – a small group Pilates class (between 2 and 4 people to a class), or a 1-to-1 (or 1-to-2) Pilates session for more personalised support. Either way, you’ll experience a combination of mat and Reformer Pilates instruction, delivered by our qualified and caring team of instructors.

  • Targetted exercise specific to YOU – no more than 4 people in a class
  • Out of town location – free parking, less traffic, less hassle
  • Experienced, qualified and caring team of Pilates instructors
  • High Quality, Balanced Body® Pilates Reformers, Cadillac, Wunda Chair & More
  • Affordable, flexible booking – only pay for what you use
  • Real Pilates for real people – every body welcome!

Small Group Pilates

Maximum 4 to a group, combining mat & apparatus/reformer Pilates. Perfect for fitness, injury recovery & building strength, flexibility, balance & coordination.

Private Pilates Sessions

1-to-1 with an experienced Pilates instructor. Personalised support with fitness or injury/illness recovery. Or come with friends for a 2-to-1 or 3-to-1 session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below. Do also give us a call and we’ll happily talk you through how we work and what to expect.


Mat Pilates is not inferior to Reformer Pilates – indeed, we still include it in many of our sessions. But Reformer Pilates does bring some extras to the table:

  • Exercises are more supported – the apparatus tends to hold everything together! It’s harder to get it wrong.
  • It provides more variety – there are almost limitless exercise options
  • It’s great for people with mobility problems, who find it difficult or impossible to get down to and up from the floor.
  • It puts you in a better position for the instructor to spot mistakes, modify incorrect position, etc.
  • Many people simply find it more enjoyable, with a greater sense of flow.

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We use top quality Balanced Body® Pilates apparatus. The studio is equipped with:

  • 1 x Clinical Reformer
  • 1 x Studio Reformer
  • 1 x Cadillac Trapeze
  • 1 x Wunda Chair
  • 1 x Ladder Barrel
  • 2 x Pilates Arcs
  • Pilates balls, magic circles, spiky balls, mats and more!

You’ll find all our current classes on our Timetable page here.

Generally we run classes Monday – Friday at varying times throughout the day.

Yes! We normally only close between Christmas and New Year, and on Bank Holidays.

But if you can’t make a class during school holidays, our flexible booking system means that you don’t lose out – just book the classes that work for you.

On recommendation from my Physiotherapist, Julia and her team at Wantage Pilates Studio helped me after my first pregnancy. I was suffering from lower back pain and had a history of back injuries. Within a short space of time I felt significant improvements. Julia also took a keen interest in my foot problems (I had been wearing orthotics for years) and helped me to build up all over muscular strength, so that I no longer needed to wear the orthotics… I can now wear flip flops and sandals in the hot weather!! Julia has a huge amount of knowledge and enthusiasm for Pilates. Thanks to the WPS, I am now fitter and more active than ever and feel that I can take part in activities that I had previous thought were no longer possible.
Emma Paton

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