The Wantage Pilates Studio




Julia is an excellent instructor.

The sessions offer an infinite variety

of exercises to reach parts of the body

I did not know existed.



Since joining The Wantage Pilates Studio I have been able to strengthen my back after major surgery and have not needed any treatment from my Chiropractor. He has visited the Studio and endorses the work being done here.



During the winter of 2009 I slipped and fell on the ice badly bruising my left hip and thigh area.

After several visits to my GP I was assured I had only suffered bad bruising and that my hip would take some time to recover. Until I began a Pilates course just 6 weeks ago I remained unconvinced that I hadn’t in fact done myself more serious damage, as I was still very aware  discomfort at times when moving my leg in a certain way.

Julia being mindful of this old injury has put me through a course of Pilates working carefully on the area of the left hip and thigh. I am amazed and delighted to say that since following these exercises I have honestly not even felt a twinge of discomfort from this old injury!

As an added bonus I find I am really enjoying Pilates and look forward to each class.




Following hip and back surgery I was left with poor mobility, weakness and a total lack of confidence. Julia and her Team have worked miracles. My muscle tone is back and I have my confidence back. Thank you for all your hard work.